How to have a successful first date

Whether you have met at an event or on a dating site, the first date can be stressful. It can be lack of self-confidence, of practice… there can be so many reasons. To help you succeed on your first date we have listed important points for you. So no more excuses, get started!

1. Stay relaxed

Although this is an important time, do not think that a first date will determine the rest of your relationship - it's not true. But it's better to get off to a good start, so do not stress, you have nothing to lose. See this as an encounter with a friend for example. It’s very important that you choose a place where you feel comfortable, as you will be much more relaxed and accessible.

2. Be on time

Do not make your date wait, if you are late you immediately give the wrong impression, namely that you are not willing to make an effort for him or her. Punctuality is the basis of politeness - if you are late it can also mean that you do not have good manners or etiquette. Excluding events that are outside of your control (for example a blocked metro station), be well on time, and leave a little early to be safe.

3. Do not mention former relationships

Phrases like "my ex did not like the beach"; "I get on very well with my mother-in-law" are to be banned. Nobody wants to hear you discuss the details of your failed relationships, it's a sign that you're still living in the past and that you’re not ready to start over. Instead talk about what you enjoy doing or what you would like to do this summer, for example. Imagine the future and send a clear message: you are ready to move on!

4. Be yourself

Sometimes, for the sake of pleasing the other person, we are tempted to exaggerate some of our traits, or to invent new hobbies and interests ("yes of course I love football"), but you are well aware that this is not sustainable. It's better to be perfectly honest about what you love, while staying open to discovering new things, rather than your potential partner noticing you lied in a few weeks’ time and ending up being very disappointed

5. Be interested in the other person

While It’s totally normal to feel a bit tense during a first date, sometimes it can cause you to speak only about yourself. It’s important to know that this attitude is not at all appreciated. If you exhibit signs of strong narcissism from the beginning, your first date will not succeed. Be interested in the other person, what he likes to do, his work, his friends etc. Pay attention.